Three Different Formats

We offer more Photo Strip format options.
‚ÄčThere are three Photo formats available.

Mini Photo Strip which is a 4x6 three pose post card format that prints out two photo strips. It is not perforated so it has to be cut apart.

Deluxe two-strip photo strips is a 4x8 four pose format that is perforated so the photo strips just break apart.

Deluxe three-strip photo strips is a 6x8 four pose format that is perforated so the photo strips just break apart. This is popular with weddings where the third strip can be set aside or guests can be asked to put it in a guest photo album scrap book and write notes to the bride and groom. 

Digital copies of all the pictures can be delivered on a CD and/or posted online for all your family and friends to view and download.


We use high quality Dye Sublimation printers which print out your photos quickly. The photo strips are smear proof and water resistant unlike some others who use ink jet printers.

We can take our Photo Booths anywhere. They are portable and can fit through any standard door. They setup and take down very quickly. We can even move them across rough surfaces to put them were you want them.

We have Classic style self contained automatic photo booths like the kind you would see at the fair. You get in, close the curtain and have a blast.

Your photo strips will print out within 15 seconds after you exit the booth.

Real Photo Booths

Watch Out For Imitators

Other companies who rent photo booths don't have real photo booths, they are just a background and a camera. Many of them won't do outdoor events because the backdrops  and fabric booths get blown around in the slightest breeze. Curtains make great sails, not great photo booths. Our Classic metal frame booths can stand up to the wind and wild guests.

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Packages Start at $450


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Photo booths are very popular at weddings, corporate events, dances, parties, concerts, school events and proms. Your guests will love it. There will be a line for it all night long. Plus your guests will have a memento to take with them to remember your event by.

Photo Booths Add Fun and Create Memories


Photo Booth Rentals in Reno, Lake Tahoe, Carson City